Saturday, May 31, 2008

Faith No More

Lately I have seen many different articles and posts that have to do with religion.

I saw a post from Devils Heaven about this article.

Then I saw this article on msn.

And then Lynne wrote this.

So I thought, "I have some opinions on this stuff, let me share with everyone."

But first some background:

I grew up in a Catholic household. I went to Catholic school from kindergarten to 8th grade. And then I had the choice of high schools and chose a Catholic high school because my friends were going there.

So I went to a Catholic school for 13 years. My parents are (were) Catholic, my grandparents are very Catholic, and most of my relatives are Catholic to some extent.

My a pagan.

I was baptized, had first holy communion, and was confirmed into the church. But...

I no longer consider myself a Catholic. Most people describe me (and others like me) as a non-practicing Catholic.


I do not consider myself an atheist (yet) but rather an agnostic. If someone could prove to me that there is a God than I would believe, but until then I believe that gods don't exist.

So lets examine a couple of those articles I mentioned previously.

First up is the excommunication of anyone that ordains a female priest.

Why? Because women aren't equals?

No its because Jesus didn't have any female apostles so there can be no female priests!

Oh, well that makes perfect sense! How ridiculous is the Catholic church!

I spent 13 years learning about the history of the Catholic faith and why it is what it is and I am pretty sure it was all a LIE!!

And that's why I think the other article about a religious theme park is perfect.

I mean really, what is the difference between Disney characters and Jesus?

One thing, the characters from Disney are typically animated where as Jesus is usually thought of as a human.

But really they are similar.

They are both works of fiction. They have each contributed to a ridiculous amount of money for their creators. And people love them or hate them.

Kids believe in the Disney characters just like some (brain-dead) adults believe in Jesus and everything he said.

Do you really believe that someone can take water and turn it into wine right in front of everyone? Or take bread and fish and make it multiply for everyone??


They are no different than Alice in Wonderland or Fantasia.

Wonderful stories that are part of the greatest works of fiction that the world has ever seen.

Now don't get me wrong. If you believe in this stuff that's fine, just leave me alone.

My sister is quite religious. She is a christian and truly believes that I am going to hell. But I don't want to hear about it.

I am a good person. I am nice to everyone and I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. And many times that gets me into trouble but its who I am.

But I don't believe in a god (or the God).

So does that mean that I am going to hell? I guess that depends....

do I believe in heaven and hell??


Anonymous said...

i'm a pretty open christian religion but we grew up in New England where everyone is Catholic. primarily strict Roman Catholics. which to me are the extremists. anyway, because of the ways of the catholic religion i've developed a strong opposition to it. i was always left out because i wasn't going to catechism(sp?) and it was like this exclusive club that i couldn't be a part of. then my sister married a strict roman catholic and i began to dislike the religion even more. it still makes my blood boil that she goes to catholic church every sunday with her husband and her children, and she took all the classes to get married to a catholic, but she's not allowed to take communion. the children she gave birth to are, but she's not. it's such a slap in the face. it's this exclusive elitist that really makes me not willing to accept the catholic religion.

i know that has nothing to do with your post, but i like ot bitch about it whenever i get the opportunity (which is usually just talking to my mom : )

verb said...

hahaha, i would love to write a big long comment on here about how i totally agree with you that mickey mouse is actually jesus and how the catholic church has been trying to cover it up for years, but lets be honest, would that really prove anything?

GMan said...

notsojenny - that does have to do with it. Catholics only accept their own and the rules are outrageous.

verb - yes! the more people that admit the Jesus is a fictional character in the best selling work of fiction (EVER), the better off we will be.

Hellafied said...

The only thing you can do is just live well in the present!

A fellow hockey fan! Nice. I'm a Red Wings fan 'til the day I die.

the wifey said...

"Do you really believe that someone can take water and turn it into wine right in front of everyone? Or take bread and fish and make it multiply for everyone??"

What about a body rising from the dead?! I say it was stolen. But even if those crazies do believe that jesus rose from the dead, wouldn't that make him a witch, demon, or other "cursed" entity?