Monday, May 26, 2008

Then Don't Come Next Time

It was a very good weekend. Had a cookout, played wiffle ball, threw the football around, and played some serious Mario Kart Wii. (more to come on all of that in the following days)

But let’s start this story on Friday afternoon.

I called my buddy, Oompa Loompa (and yes he is built like one, but no he isn't orange), to see if he and his family were coming to the party on Sunday afternoon.

We were having burgers, hot dogs, salad, and other things that you have at a cookout.

Plus we were playing wiffle ball and whatever else we wanted to play and do.

Oompa has a daughter that is 3 days younger than my daughter so they play together and have fun off on their own.

So I call him cause he had said through an email that they weren’t sure yet, but we needed to know so that we could get the food.

And this is what he said (honest to god he said it)

“we want to come, but we might not because we are having burgers and hot dogs on Monday and we don’t want to eat that two days in a row.”



And they didn’t come!!!

They decided that instead of coming and having fun hanging out with friends and having some decent (if not good) food, they opted to stay home and not join us.

What makes the story even more ridiculous is that they keep telling us that they want to spend more time with us so that the girls can play together and because they enjoy hanging out.


I don’t even want to invite them in the future when we are having chicken (with the world’s GREATEST barbecue sauce, made by wifey) or marinated flank steak (from Glenn Miller’s deli in Lemoyne, the absolute best steak anyone, and I mean ANYONE, in the world has EVER EVER had).

Because if you are only coming for the food than you shouldn’t be coming AT ALL!

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verb said...

I couldn't agree more, and that food was excellent! you are, dare i say, a master grill-man!