Thursday, May 8, 2008

What should I......

I have now started 3 different blog posts today and have erased all of them halfway through.

Have you ever done that? That is a first for me.

So far on this blog I haven’t had much trouble but for some reason today I just can’t think of anything to really write about.

Its frustrating!

And when I do think of something I get about halfway through it and decide that I don’t want to write that anymore.

Let’s see what I did today and maybe that will give me something.

I got up early with the intentions of getting on my treadmill and jogging for a little bit but didn’t have the energy. Yesterday I got up early and jogged and then I walked home from work which is about 2-3 miles. So I think my legs were just too tired.

I haven’t been getting on the treadmill with any regularity for the past 2 months so maybe that has something to do with it.

I used to work in construction and there wasn’t much work so I would come home in the mornings some days and hope on the treadmill for an hour or so.

Other days I wouldn’t go to work at all and get on and run for a while in the morning.
But now I have a real (boring) job and I work real (unnecessary) hours every (freaking) day. And my real hours are 7:45 – 4:15. But that doesn’t include travel time. So my real day is about 6:50 – 5:30.

Like I said unnecessary and might I add, ridiculous!

So, because I am slightly (comments on this are unnecessary) overweight, I have decided to get up every morning at the awful time of 530 to get on the treadmill for 30 minutes or so.

So far so okay! I have done it everyday this week but this morning I couldn’t do it. I don’t know why but I was on there for 10 minutes and I felt like I was going to fall over right then.

So I got off and said hell with it.

Tomorrow I will be up again at 530 (which is wrong on so many levels) and back to the grind of trying to live to see 70.
That worked. Look at that I actually got a whole post out of that.

That won’t work too often though because I do pretty much the same things everyday.

But it worked today and that’s all I care about. I hope you enjoyed it even though I know you didn’t.

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