Friday, May 9, 2008

Did I?

I know that you are all wondering if I got up and got on the treadmill this morning.

You probably even woke up this morning with the question in your head.

Did he get on the treadmill this morning?

I am not going to answer you yet though. First I want to tell you about the awesomeness that is the Nintendo Wii.

I had never touched a Wii remote or controller until I bought it Wednesday night. And since I have this "real" job that requires me to show up everyday, I didn't have a lot of time to play it until last night.

It is as good as advertised. I have 4 games for it. Wii Sports (which comes with it), Wii Play (free $40 remote with $50 game), Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Kart Wii.

I am a mario kart master and have just about every one that has been released. The SNES game was probably the best but the N64 version was pretty good too.

The new one is harder to play though. Using the Wii wheel to steer takes some getting used to. They also put bikes on the game and they are harder to steer as well. An awesome game so far though.

Wii Sports is solid. The bowling and golf are great. The boxing and baseball are solid. The tennis hasn't been tested enough to make a determination.

Wii Play is not as good. But for $10 it is a solid game. Since I was going to buy a second controller anyways, adding the 10 bucks for another game seemed like the thing to do. My favorite games on that so far are the shooting game and the cow racing. That's right you race cows!

I haven't played Super Mario Galaxy yet so I will let you know soon.

Young Buck and Verb came over last night and we played the Wii for about 4 hours straight. It was incredible. I would imagine that I will be having more guests coming over now.

It isn't really a system that you play by yourself too much. I also have a PS3 so I will still get games for that. But when you have people over the Wii is awesome!

Not only is it fun but you actually get a little bit of a workout using it, especially the boxing game. Which may make it so that I don't have to get up at 530 anymore (doubt it but one can hope, right?).

Oh, and I did get up this morning and get on the treadmill. And I actually stayed on for my desired time!!

I am the man!!!!


heidi said...

i freakin' love the wii. however, i have YET to get the mario kart for wii...and am stuck playing old skool mario kart for N64 *on the wii of course* not that there's anything wrong with old skool mario kart but i mean those graphics for the new one look incredible!

GMan said...

heidi - The N64 version is great. I actually still have a N64 and play it on that. And yes the graphics and gameplay on the Wii version are incredible.

verb said...

dude, its great, i just really suck, but i will get my game together and i will be whooping here soon!