Monday, June 2, 2008

Just Admit It

There are many things in this life that piss me off or bother me. But there aren't many things that bother me as much as this.

Fans of sports teams that can't appreciate another team.

I love hockey. I am a Capitals fan. Not a Penguins fan or (especially) a Flyers fan.

I thing all Philly fans are idiots (and yes I am an Eagles fan, but no I am not an idiot, all the time).

At my work there is a idiotic Flyers fan that I have to deal with. And he hates the Penguins.

He does know his hockey though. He has played and understands the game very well. And he makes sure he tells you that.

In fact this morning (about 8 minutes ago) he comes into my cube and says "I know my hockey, don't I?" Because he told me on Friday that the Wings would win on Saturday night.

The thing I hate about fans like this is that they can't appreciate good play from teams they hate. And they never give credit where credit is due.

He insists that the Penguins are not any good and (for this series) he thinks the Red Wings are the best team in the world. And he HATES Sydney Crosby (the Pens star player) and can not handle that he might be the best player in the NHL.

I know a decent amount about hockey and will admit that the Wings are playing INCREDIBLE hockey right now. But I still think the Penguins have a chance and have been playing pretty well.

Although I am not surprised with how the series is going. I thought it would go 6 games and it still may but it doesn't look good.

As a die-hard Penn State football fan (I really do bleed blue and white, honestly, you should see it) I am not a fan of either Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, or really any other college football team. But I can admit that those teams are better than PSU, if they actually are.

But when the Pens beat the Flyers in the previous playoff round this IDIOT gave the Pens ABSOLUTELY NO credit and couldn't admit that the better team won.

He used excuses like luck, injuries, and officiating, instead of just saying the Pens are good and they just played better than the Flyers. And all he did was bitch about Crosby and how he dives and all this other crap.

I HATE THAT!! Just admit the facts and grow up!!


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cheesemonkey421 said...

You want to know who's playing amazingly? The Capitals! I know you live up in PA, but if you ever get a chance to go to a Caps game, you will be so glad you went. It is SO FUN!