Monday, May 5, 2008

Believe It!!

I love poker. It is quite possibly the greatest game on earth.

It helps that I am good at it and that I win all the time we play at home. Seriously I don't think I have lost in the last dozen times we have played. And that puts us in like August I think because it is hard to get enough people.

The next test for me is Atlantic City but I need some money for that.

Friday night was fun though. 5 of us bought in and 2 of us bought in again after they lost their chips. So that made the pot worth 70 bucks (I know we are cheap but we are also poor) and myself and Sparky split the pot; 40 to me 30 to him.

I made 30 bucks and he made 10 because he always needs to re-buy.

I will freely admit that I get my fair share of good cards. Sometimes I get more than my fair share. Friday night started out with me getting more than my fair share and then evolved into just getting my fair share.

The difference between myself and say Monkey is that I get as much as I can from my good hands. And I know when to lay a hand down before I lose too much.

I made one bad play on Friday and it cost be a lot of chips. But fortunately for me I had a lot more left. That was the hand that really gave Sparky a chance to make some money.

All in all it was a good night. I played very well. Read the table fairly well with the exception of one time that I remember vividly when I misread Verb’s hand. But a good night all around.

I think we are going to go to AC sometime in the next few months though. So that will give me a real test of my abilities.

The largest tournament I played in was something like 82 people and I finished 2nd. So I think I can hold my own.

And in my opinion, if you are going to be a good poker player than you have to BELIEVE you are the best player at the table and in the world.

And BELIEVE me, I AM!!

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The Wicked Truth aka Wifey said...

geez, you seem to think high of yourself. I bet your wife can bet you. Oh thats right she has!!!