Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Staying or Going

Right now I am sitting in a hotel room in Mount Pleasant, PA. If you were wondering, it is a little east of Pittsburgh.

And I hate it here. I like it at home.

Okay, maybe hate isn’t the right word but I really would rather be at home.

See the job I have has a ton of perks. I mean a lot. I get 11 holiday days a year, 10 annual leave days, 13 sick days, 1 personal day, and another 13 days a year off for taking a 30 min lunch instead of a 60 min lunch.

The people I work with are great and there is really not anyone to watch over me all the time. My manager walks by my cubicle about twice a day and only says two words to me. And that is GREAT because I don’t have to worry about someone harping at me all day long about what I am doing.

On top of all that I am not really all that busy, which means I can do other things at work like read everyone else’s blogs and write my own blogs.

But there are a few serious downsides to my job.

One is that I am not all that busy which means that sometimes I actually just sit at my desk in my cubicle (which is quite big compared to other entry level workers) and literally twiddle my thumbs.

I would rather be busy and have minimal free time at work than have NOTHING to do.

The other major problem with my job would be the travel. I have to travel around to little rural areas (mostly) in Pennsylvania and do audits.

I don’t mind the work even but I HATE being away from home. Especially considering that I am still training so I have to go with someone else.

If I was on my own I would be able to get the work done faster and get out of town earlier but I am not on my own and won’t be the next trip either.

The travel is only about once a month but it can be for the entire week. If it were just for a day or two it wouldn’t be a big deal but it isn’t. At least not right now.

I know there are a lot of people out there that would love to travel because they don’t want to be at home all the time. But I am a homebody and LOVE being at home. I LOVE being with my family and being able to relax at home.

So what should I do?

I can transfer all around the company if I want but I might lose my big cubicle, extra 13 days off, uninterested manager, and nice people in the office.

Or I can stay at the same position and just deal with the travel.

I have a few months to decide because I can’t transfer until mid August when my probationary period ends. But that is what was on my mind, so that’s what’s on the page.

Thanks for listening.

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