Sunday, May 18, 2008

Making amends with the Universe

Well apparently my ego boost the other day has caused a rift between myself and the universe. You see, I am not really as conceded as my Friday post made me sound to be.

Yes there are days when I feel everything should be all about me. But they aren't and I get through those days anyhow.

But since I have made that post the universe has made an example out of me.

First lets talk about the poker game.

I played very well. Almost perfect even. I can only remember maybe 1 or 2 bad plays on my part. But the thing that EVERYONE has to remember about poker is that it is 75% LUCK!! No matter what anyone tells you, if you don't get good cards you aren't going to win.

Yes you have to bluff sometimes and win some pots without good cards but unless you get good cards you will not win the game.

And the universe made sure that I didn't win on Friday night. I got a couple good cards throughout the night but not near enough.

So, what I am saying is that I lost Friday night. I did not win anything, in fact I lost money.

Now lets look at the Wii.

Apparently Nintendo and the universe are on the same page here.

Because I couldn't do anything right on that thing Friday night. There was a group of us (Young Buck, Verb, Lazy Old White Guy, and Wifey) playing Wii sports and Mario Kart that night.

Lazy Old White Guy has minimum life so he plays or used to play all the time and has perfected the different games. Where as the rest of us just started playing about a week ago.

So LOWG beat all of us at bowling and anything else on Wii Sports.

After LOWG left we played some Mario Kart. And I couldn't do that either. Everything I tried to do ended badly. So instead of throwing the wheel out the window I just threw it at Verb and told him to play.

That was my Friday, eventful but not good.

Saturday I didn't do much. I tried the whole Mario Kart thing in the morning and turned it off again shortly after falling off multiple sides.

And then while running a little late taking my daughter to a birthday party I hit EVERY GOD DAMN RED LIGHT ON THE WAY!!! I am not even kidding. I sat at every single light. And I tried not to get pissed but as you can tell, I didn't happen.

After that it seemed like the Universe started to ease up a bit.

At least until I got up this morning with the intentions of cutting the grass. See yesterday the weather said rain Saturday night and SUN on Sunday. So I would cut the grass Sunday.

HA!!! It is raining and it is supposed to be showery all day.


So I thought I would try to help myself out in the coming days. But I was told to do it NOW!!

Because my wife is a Penguins fan and they can win the playoff series against the (god I hate them) Flyers today.

And she wanted to make sure that I made amends and apologized to the universe for my mistaken comments on Friday. So that the team I am rooting for (Penguins) beats the hell out of the most hated team in the house (Flyers) with no input from the universe.

So universe, I apologize for my conceded beliefs in myself.

I now know that the sun does not set on my ass....

at least not everyday!!

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wifey said...

and it worked, thanks honey