Friday, June 27, 2008

Exposaroonie-Vibrant Colors

So heres the picture for the challenge for this week, if anyone's interested. Please vote for me here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Please, Stop!

My one co-worker has the most annoying laugh EVER!!

And he thinks EVERYTHING is funny, especially if he says it.

He was just at the cubicle next to me talking to the guy in there and laughing at his own STUPID comments.

I just want him to SHUT UP!!!!!!

I hate annoying laughs. Especially when the person only laughs when THEY say something funny.

It drives me NUTS!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Weekend--

Who doesn't love Wendy's?

We went there Friday night and I am pretty sure that when we left the drive thru they closed down for the night.

Why would I think that?

Cause we bought enough food from them that they probably reached their daily quota!

Other than Friday night was pretty slow.
Watched the NHL Draft for a bit, fixed Verb's car, and watched a movie.

Saturday was a little more eventful.

Got up and did some yardwork in the morning and whined about how the Euro 2008 games suck on the weekends cause Russia was playing.

I was wrong about that by the way as that soccer game was incredible to watch. Russia won 3-1 in extra time and it was just a great game.

After that we ate a light dinner and went to my sister's graduation party.

It was kind of awkward cause her ex boyfriend (of 8.5 years) was there and she is already dating someone else (this guy here). And apparently he is taking it hard.

He is a nice kid and I feel bad for him but the breakup was WAY over due.
They are 23/24 and had been together for 8.5 YEARS!!! Everyone just assumed that they would eventually get married.

But anyways.....

I got to see alot of old neighbors and friends from growing up that I hadn't seen in numerous years.

And I had some decent food too. Nothing much but some decent finger foods and good desserts.
We left there at about 10 (already over an hour past kiddo's bedtime) cause we needed to get up and walk around Hersheypark all day Sunday.
Sunday was GREAT!!

We left the house at about 915 to pick up verb and young buck.

We got to Hershey and met up with my sister (lets call her Bull from here on).

Oh and parking was ridiculous.......$10 a CAR!!!
We went into the park and immediately headed for the water park area so that we could rent lockers and put our change of clothes in there for the day.

We stopped for a minute to look at the new roller coaster, Fahrenheit! It has the STEEPEST drop in the UNITED STATES. The ride goes straight up (not kidding, it looks like a right angle) and then comes back down at 97 degrees! That's right it actually goes BEYOND STRAIGHT DOWN!!

None of us got on it, partly cause some of us (me) can't handle that and partly because that was like the only ride in the park with a line.

See a few years ago, before the water park, the lines in the park would ALWAYS be ridiculous and you would probably wait about 30 minutes just to get on anything in the park. But since the water park opened half of the people spend their time back there and the other half ride the rides. It is great!

After that we got on a bunch of rides and had lunch (not cheap) before heading back to the water park.

-side note- if you are pregnant you really outta NOT were a bikini, PLEASE!

The water park is fun. There are 4 different water slides, 2 separate little wave pools, a roller coaster, Canyon River Rapids (best water ride ever, you get absolutely SOAKED!), and this other water park/slide/pool/jungle gym.

After watching kiddo shake like a leaf cause she was cold we got changed and continued riding rides and playing games.

The best ride at the park, in my opinion, is the Great Bear. It is an inverted roller coaster that is a lot of fun.

We were all pretty tired and during a thunderstorm warning (most the rides were closed) we stopped and rested and had dinner (again, not cheap).

After dinner we rode a bunch of rides again, played some games, and pretty much thoroughly exhausted ourselves.

We left the park at about 915 and started the trek home.

If you ever go to Hersheypark (which you absolutely SHOULD) remember to take something to drink with you.

We have this cool bag from here that has a cooler in the bottom. We took 10 bottles of water and saved money cause a bottle in the park costs $3!!

I haven't been at the park that long or had that much fun at the park in like 14 years!!

Kiddo is 7 but is very tall (51") already. So she is able to get on just about everything there (only 4 or 5 things she can't get on yet) and she rode just about EVERYTHING she could.

And she LOVED it all. I don't do wooden roller coasters, I will only get on steel ones. But she rode all of the wooden coasters with no issues and actually rode the one twice. I was very impressed.

And she had BY FAR the most energy left at the end of the night. She probably would have stayed and ridden rides for another couple hours!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Let's Drill It, That Will Help

Here are two articles that I found on PennLive, a site that features stories and news from around the Harrisburg area and in Pennsylvania in general.

This one is about how the government (local or national) is getting too involved in the lives of its citizens.

If you don't want to read it, here is a brief overview.

The borough of Stroudsburg (near the Poconos) has decided that people cannot have furniture on their front porch if it was intended for indoor use.

Meaning that they cannot have a couch or upholstered chairs on their front porch.

Why can't they you ask...

Because they say it could start a fire. Back in 1994 (14 years ago and none since) there was a fire at Bloomsburg University that started in a porch sofa.

So the borough is arguing that for people's safety no one can have a porch sofa any more.

Now lets consider the real reason....

It looks terrible. And to a point it does.

I have seen front porches that have a TON of trash and junk on their front porch. It is dirty looking and definitely influences the opinions of people that are driving through.

But once you buy a home aren't you allowed to do with it what you please (obviously within reason).

I hate looking at homes with junk all over the front porch but a couch? Please...don't these governments have ANYTHING better to do?

The second article is about drilling in Alaska because of how gas prices have shot up.

I was never against this and still am not but the reason to do it now is RIDICULOUS.

The article says that in 2000 70% of Americans were against it but now only %49 percent are against it.

And the reason people are starting to like the idea is because they all think it will help gas prices!

Maybe I am wrong about this but even if the government allowed companies to drill there, wouldn't it take a few years before drilling actually started??

And wouldn't we STILL run out of oil eventually??

And it WOULDN'T lower gas prices anyways!! It would just make us a little (and by little I mean not much at all) less dependent on foreign oil.

So here is an idea....(and I realize how completely ridiculous and absurd this is, but I have to say it)

Lets try some alternative energy!

The sun or wind seem to produce energy, so let's power our homes and world with them.

You want to heat your home, get a geo-thermal unit. I have one, they work WONDERFULLY!

And for cars....electric, hydrogen, bicycles, or I don't know maybe MASS TRANSIT!?!?!?!

(And I don't want to hear about ethanol because that WILL NOT help the prices. Ethanol is just as or even more expensive than gas.)

I ride the bus daily and it saves me a ton (it costs $45 for a whole month or you can get 25 rides for $32). But of the probably close to 50,000 people that work in Harrisburg, I would bet there are only 1,000 (maybe 2,000) that regularly take the bus.

And yes I know some people can't take mass transit due to where they live but there are ALOT that could if they wanted to. And for those who think they can't take it....I don't live on a bus route, I drive about 10 minutes to get to one then I park and ride the bus. There are even lots around the midstate for this EXACT PURPOSE!

I don't know maybe I am just being stupid to think that we could use things other than oil and gas to get by.

But something tells me that it has been done before?!?!

Friday, June 20, 2008

1/2 of All Marriages End in Divorce

An interesting fact:

"This statistic (see title) is the ace in the hole when it comes to showing the moral decay of our times...but statistically speaking, it's useless. This figure is derived by taking the number of marriages per year and comparing it to the number of divorces per year. And since there are nearly half as many divorces as marriages, people would conclude that half of all marriages end in divorce. This statistic would be correct if everyone married only once and divorced only once, but thanks to the Larry Kings and Elizabeth Taylors of the world, things don't add up. The actual number of marriages that end in divorce is closer to 1 in 4, or 25 percent."
~Stupid History by Leland Gregory, pg 16

I Won 6-3

I know that I haven't exactly been keeping up with the blog recently. It seems like each week I post a little less.

And I really don't have a reason for it.

I typically only post when I am at work and I usually have so many blogs to read that by the time I am done reading it is time to go.

So sorry to anyone that has been looking for a new post. (I know there isn't anyone like that but I like to boost my ego once in a while)

I had a pretty good week.

I took a "sick" day yesterday and played some tennis against verb (I won 6-3) but we only played one set cause neither of us is in any kind of shape right now. And we both pretty much sucked.

Tennis is a lot of fun. I used to play a lot when I was younger but most of the people that I played against then have moved to different parts of the country.

So I hadn't actually played a real game of tennis in about 10 years and have probably only hit a ball around MAYBE a dozen times in that period.

But it was fun (I won, in case I forgot to mention it) and I hope to play again soon.

This weekend has the potential to be fun.

We are going to a graduation party for my sister tomorrow night (she graduated back in the beginning of May, not sure why the delay but whatever).
And then on Sunday we are planning on going to Hersheypark for the day. Only planning right now because mother nature is being a bitch and is threatening to rain on us.

But we have free tickets and they have to be used by the 4th of July so.....we will probably be going no matter what.
Other than that there isn't much going on. Maybe I will have something insightful to say next week. I have a few ideas, I just need to sit down and actually write something.

Random Quotes

So in my boredom, and avoidance to house work, I think I'm going to post random quotes from time to time. Here's the winning quote:

"Some people are like a Slinky... not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you shove them down the stairs"

I have no idea were I saw, read, or heard this, but I think its a great quote.

Exposaroonie Silhouettes

This week's challenge is Silhouettes. Which in theory isn't too difficult, however, in wonderful central PA, the only weather we've had for the past week or so is cloudy and not too bright, which makes this week's challenge a bit of a pain in the rear.

But no worries I took this lovely picture in Pine Island, NC. (And no its not really an island, google it.) So please go here and vote for me.

Thanks, see you next week!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Good Weekend

I know it is now Wednesday but this post was actually supposed to go up on Monday but my computer wasn't helping me out. So read it now and I will hope to have something new later.

It was a pretty uneventful weekend around these parts.

Friday night we decided that we would go bowling with young buck, verb, and my sister (who is going to need a name on here, it will be coming soon).

It was my daughters first time bowling (other than wii bowling of course). And she loved it.

She isn't quite big enough to really throw the ball but the bumpers kept it moving.

After bowling we all went back to our house and played some mario kart until about 1130 when the ladies got back with food.

And then we proceeded to talk for 5 hours. Nothing else. Just sat at the dining room table and talked.

About what you ask....

Nothing really, part of the conversation was interesting but it isn't blog ready material just yet.

Saturday (after getting 3.5 hours of sleep) I cut the grass and then watched sports. But you already knew that.

Sunday I got up and we went to breakfast with my family (it was okay, I was expecting more) and then to the mall.

The wife was looking for a bathing suit for this year and they are difficult to find apparently.

After that we went home and watched tv the rest of the day. I didn't do anything.

It was the perfect weekend. I needed a nice relaxing do nothing weekend.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Best Day Of Sports In A While!!

To know me you have to know that I love sports. My favorites being football and hockey.

This time of year is not much fun for sports because I do NOT watch the NBA and I barely watch any baseball.

But yesterday was great.

My day started with Spain vs Sweden in Euro 2008. It was a great game!!

Spain won 2-1 in extra time. And as far as European teams go Spain is my favorite.

But more importantly in that game I found a European born player that I can root for in Fernando Torres. He is a forward for the Spain team and is a good player.

But more importantly he shows excellent sportsmanship and hustle.

After one turnover in the offensive zone that he committed he chased the guy down and knocked the ball away from him. That is something that very FEW forwards will do. The only time you will usually see a forward in the defensive half of the field is on a kickoff or a free kick when they are back defending.

His sportsmanship was evident when instead of just walking away from a ball that had gone out he went and got it for the OTHER team! That is unheard of in soccer. Usually no matter how close the opposing team is to the ball they will never get it for the other guys. But he did.

And one other time at the half a bunch of the players were complaining to the officials and he stepped in between and got all of his guys away without incident.

It is just the show of respect and SMART play that he shows that will cause me to root for him.

After the soccer game the sports day slowed down for a while.

I watched a little of the College World Series game between Stanford and Florida State but I didn't see the end when Stanford scored 11 runs in the 9th inning.

I also watched a little of Russia vs Greece in Euro but not the whole thing.

But then at about 845 last night I turned on the US Open and watched Tiger Woods make 3 AMAZING shots.

The best one was on the 17th when he chipped the ball in the cup. (if you want to see it I am sure espn has it up on their site or just turn on sportscenter and watch top plays, I am sure it will be there.)

His reaction to that shot was incredible. He seemed almost embarrassed to have made it. He was definitely surprised that it went in. It was impressive.

After that I turned on Georgia vs Miami in the CWS in the top of the 9th and watched Georgia come from one run down to win the game.

All in all a very good day for sports, especially this time of year.

After all that I went to bed around 11 to get some decent sleep after not getting to bed until 5 the previous morning!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Wicked Truth

The Wicked Truth
Originally uploaded by exposaroonie
Okay here we go...

I'm going to try to post from flickr's page...

This is just a test....beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.....

Exposaroonie - Locations

Take two....

This week's Exposaroonie challenge is locations. Being that gman told me about the website around 6:30ish last night and the pic had to be submitted last night by 11:59pm, I didn't have alot of options. However I do think I ended up with a cute picture. How cute you ask? Here it is:

Isn't he soooo cute?!? Please go to this website to vote for me. If you prefer one of the other photographs just wipe the whole site from your mind and don't vote at all :)


I would like to welcome the wifey to my blog as a contributor.

This will be her first foray into the blogging world.

She enjoys photography and I told her yesterday about exposaroonie and she jumped at the chance to do it.

I doubt very much that she will post general stuff but you may see some photos from her on a regular basis.

I am sure that she will be a regular participant on the challenges over at exposaroonie, so go vote for her there and here.

So welcome wifey, aka the wicked truth.

And yes one word of that is true...wicked!

Seriously, she is!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I have been listening to my coworker whine this morning.

He is set to retire in July sometime and there is a possibility that he could be temporarily laid of for a few days in July.

It is confusing and I am not going to elaborate cause I really don't understand it.

But either way he is worried.

Why you ask. That's a good question.

He is worried because when this organization factors in your pension they look at your three highest earning years and come up with some amount to pay you for the rest of your life.

And if he was to be laid off for the entire month of July he would lose some money on his pension.

How much would he lose that is causing him to whine each day?

$1.73 a month!!

Or $20.76 a year!!

And he figures that he will live for around another 20 years or so.

Lets look at how much he would lose after some time.

Say he lives for 10 more years...he would lose $207.6 total.

20 years.....$415.20

30 years.....$622.80

40 years (unlikely as he is already in his 60s)......$830.40

Are you kidding??

I could understand his whining if it was $100 a year or something. But seriously, $1.73 a month or $20.76 a year??

Just knock it off. You are acting like a baby who had a toy taken away.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Words of Wisdom

First of all, if you haven't seen this, check it out.

Now onto my post for today.

I have been talking to a buddy of mine for a few months now on a somewhat daily basis about his issues.

A little background for you:

My friend (lets call him M) met a girl while he was studying abroad in Spain and began dating this girl (lets call her E) when he was there.

They proceeded to carry on this long distance relationship for 5.5 years. She was going to school for the last couple of years in NC so it wasn't always different countries.

M would drive down from Maryland to see her every other weekend when she was on this continent.

M is not what one would call over-confident in himself (I may be to blame for some of that as me and other friend Patty would regularly pick on him cause he was shorter than us and for other reasons), so he probably hung on longer than most would have. E was a good looking girl who liked attention.

E apparently got too much attention from another guy at some point recently and decided to not worry about M and proceeded to cheat on him. No telling how long this went on for, but M found out about 3 months ago.

So now M is hurt, angry, and confused. Even though he will openly admit that he wanted to end things with E before this, he is still very hurt by what she did.

So last night we were talking and he was talking about what he wants to do at that he isn't interested in getting involved with anyone else right now. And while I agree that he isn't ready yet I suggested something else to him.

And this is advice that many of you should consider.

I have heard over the years from people that they plan on focusing on their careers before they start a family or get married. And I believe there are probably parents out there telling there kids to worry about themselves and their career first because you can always have a family later.

To me that sounds backwards. (to understand picture at right click here.)

Now I am not saying just stop working and look for love but don't be afraid of it because you have goals to meet in your professional life.

Love is much rarer than a good career and it is much harder to find.

If you are truly good at and passionate about what you do than you will always be able to find work that will make you happy.

But how many people find someone else that they want to spend the rest of their life with?

I have a few friends that have either not found this yet because they say they need to worry about finding themselves first. Or they don't want to get involved with someone until they are at a certain place in their life.


Now I must clarify that I don't think you can go looking for love. It either happens or it doesn't. It is either there or it isn't. It isn't something that can be faked (for very long anyway) or manufactured.

So like I said before I do not mean just focus on your love life and not your professional life because then you will be miserable in both.

But do not avoid getting involved with someone because of your career or anything else.

Basically what I am saying is your career can wait, love can't and shouldn't. You can put your career on hold for a couple years and have no problem picking it back up. But you can't put love on the back burner (more than likely anyway) because either the other person will be gone or you won't feel the same.

Just a thought I had. Do you agree? If not, how come?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Weekend Review

if you haven't seen this, check it out.

Once again I had a pretty good weekend. There was much mario kart playing and some pretty good eating.

It all started with the previously mentioned trip to Circuit City.

After that was done wifey and I picked up our daughter from school (her last day of the year).

We proceeded to head back home where my daughter and I played some mario kart until verb joined us. She isn't very good yet (she is only 7 and wants to turn her WHOLE body instead of just the wii wheel).

We then went to her last soccer practice for the season where the parents were playing the kids.

Wifey was smart and she packed gatorades and waters for the 4 of us.

Verb played goalie in high school and I haven't played competitively since middle school but we probably could have beaten all the kids AND all the other parents by ourselves.

After the scrimmage we returned home, ordered some food, picked up said food (pizza, sub, wings), young buck came over, and we played mario kart and bowling until about 11.

By the way...I had 8 strikes in a row on wii bowling while LAYING DOWN!! I barely roll strikes when I am standing but laying down, I am unbeatable!

Saturday morning was the day of my daughters soccer tournament. The first game was at 8am.

That's right I was up at 6 AM on a freaking Saturday!

Her team played well. It is tough for kids that age. They don't keep score at any of the games all season and then all of a sudden for one day they keep score and have a champion.

They finished 3rd out of 7 but if the coach knew what he was doing they would have won the whole thing.

Thankfully the tournament was over at noon so it wasn't too terribly hot out yet.

After lunch the mother-in-law took my daughter (let's just call her kiddo from here on) to see Kung-Fu Panda.

And my wife went to work for a few hours.

So what did I do considering it was like 800 degrees outside??

Slept.....for a good 2 hours, woke up at 4 and called wifey to see how much longer she would be, and then fell back to sleep for another 30 minutes.

Got up at 430 when wifey said she was on her way home and verb called to tell me he would probably be up within an hour.

He showed up around 530 and young buck showed up a few minutes later so we watched the Belmont and ate some spaghetti for dinner.

After dinner....

More Mario Kart and a little poker. We didn't play for money though since there was only 4 of us (wifey played too).

Sunday was even more uneventful.

Woke up and watched tv all morning, went swimming at my dad's in the afternoon, and went to Red Lobster for a small over priced meal. (I don't eat much seafood, only breaded shrimp, so it was more for the wife and kiddo) But I got a (somewhat fatty and MAYBE 8 oz) steak, 5 shrimp, and a small baked potato for $17.50.

Some of you may not find that a rip off, but I surely do. I can get an incredible steak down the road for 10 bucks a pound. Seriously the steak is the best you have ever had. If you ever visit the Harrisburg area of PA, let me know and I will make you the best steak you have ever had!

But I didn't have the good steak, I had a Red Lobster steak. oh well.

After that we went home and stayed on the couch until bed.

That was the weekend. The next one will be even more uneventful.

Monday, June 9, 2008

You HAVE To Read This

Have you ever watched someone actually eat until they puked??

And I don't mean an eating contest or anything. Just a normal meal??

I have. Check this out for the story.

Seriously, check this out.

If you read nothing else today, it should be this.

Did you read this yet?

If not, go here now!!


I must correct myself about something I said in my previous post.

The camera the wife got was not a canon SLR. It was a Canon Digital SLR or something like that.

It is the Digital Rebel XTi to be exact.

This one actually.

My wife told me that I had to learn about the camera so that I didn't misinform anyone else.

So there you go Wifey, I have corrected my mistake! HA!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nothing for Me

I am still here. Just been a little busy this week.

I got home from Scranton on Friday and have been pretty busy ever since.

We got back to our vehicles on Friday at noon and I came straight home got in my car with the wife and went to lunch at Subway and then to Circuit City.

She was getting a camera and verb went along so that I could co-sign on a new tv for him.

If only things would have gone that smoothly on this trip.

She picked out the camera that she wanted (some canon SLR model). And he picked out the tv he wanted.

I used my Circuit City line of credit (I bought 2 LCD tvs there last April) to buy the camera but the sales guy rang it up wrong so we had to go to the customer service desk and return it and buy it again.

Then (even with me co-signing) verb got declined for his own line of credit cause he has no credit.

Not bad credit, but no credit. And instead of making a sale that I am sure Circuit City would like to make, the bank said no way.

There was a deal going on on tvs too. No interest for 24 months. The tv he wanted was under 1200 bucks.

Do the math....that's less than 50 bucks a month. Who wouldn't pay that back?

So instead of leaving without a tv, I did what any friend would do (I would like to think so anyway).

I bought him the tv on my line of credit with 24 months no interest. So now he owes me 50 bucks a month for 2 years.

Now I would not do this for any of my friends. In fact I think there are only 2 friends that I would do this for (and for anyone other than verb reading this that knows me, the other one isn't you, so don't ask).

I trust him to pay me back and I know where he lives.

So if I don't get paid back, I all of a sudden have a third LCD tv (which I absolutely need).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another Good Time

This past weekend was another good one at my place of residence.

We had another cookout (smaller than Memorial Day's) with incredible food and a great group of friends.

We had barbecue chicken, potatoes, a veggie, and a good desert.

To understand the incredibleness of the chicken you would have to taste the barbecue sauce that the wife makes. She has taken a family recipe and twisted it up a bit and it is AMAZING!!

I actually put it on everything (okay, maybe not EVERYTHING) like potatoes and broccoli. That is the best. Especially on the potatoes. I will actually eat a steak with a potato and heat up some bbq sauce for the potato.

But I got ahead of myself here in this story and I honestly just realized it. I was going to talk about my WHOLE weekend and yet I started the story on Sunday. So let's start over.

This past weekend was another great one at my place of residence.

Friday was a nice quiet night at home after a haircut and some yard work. I watched Charlie Wilson's War (loved it) and stayed in, just the wife and I.

Saturday I got up at 8ish and made eggs for everyone while we waited for a phone call from my daughters soccer coach to see if the game was cancelled due to storms.

I called my family to tell them that the game was likely to be canceled (which it was) and my sister asks me if my mom can take my daughter for the night. I was all for it and so was the wife.

So my mom and sister came and picked her up around noon.

After which, the wife went to work and I started on my yard work. (side note - the yard work has been consisting of tearing out grass and laying down some mulch to create some great flower beds.

After she got home from work and I was done we went to the Olive Garden for a nice quiet (not so much when they seated about 8 little kids at a nearby table) dinner.

After dinner we went home to watch the Pens/Wings game before heading out late with some friends (sister, donkey, young buck, and verb) to a nice arcade/bar called the Coliseum. It is very much like a Dave & Busters (which we don't have here in the greater Harrisburg area).

When we were done there after about 3 hours we headed down to Denny's for a late night snack or very early breakfast for some.

We got home at about 3 and went to sleep around 4.

So I decided that I would get up at 8ish the next morning! BRILLIANT!!

I had more yard work to do and had to get things ready for the previously mentioned cookout.

I cut the grass and created even more flower beds for about 5 hours (during which I drank 80 oz of Gatorade). Then I started pealing potatoes and getting the place set up for friends and family.

My dinner guests included the group that was out the night before and my mom and her husband.

And as I previously mentioned, it was a GREAT time!

After dinner we of course played some bowling on the Wii and then some serious Mario Kart before I kicked everyone out at about 930 cause I was EXHAUSTED.

And then it was back to work on Monday and Tuesday I left for Scranton, PA.

I am still in Scranton (yes, the place the Office is set in) and will be until Friday.

I went to a baseball game last night at PNC Field, home of the Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankees. And they LOST!!

I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, I hate the Yankees (all of them).

That was probably the most beautiful baseball stadium I have been to. And just so I am honest and you don't mistake me for an expert, I have been to (the late) Veterans Stadium in Philly, Camden Yards in Baltimore, and Riverside Stadium in Harrisburg.

But really the place is beautiful. If you are ever in Scranton or Wilkes Barre you should get to a game. Parking was (surprisingly and impressively) free and great seats down the third base line were only $10.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Just Admit It

There are many things in this life that piss me off or bother me. But there aren't many things that bother me as much as this.

Fans of sports teams that can't appreciate another team.

I love hockey. I am a Capitals fan. Not a Penguins fan or (especially) a Flyers fan.

I thing all Philly fans are idiots (and yes I am an Eagles fan, but no I am not an idiot, all the time).

At my work there is a idiotic Flyers fan that I have to deal with. And he hates the Penguins.

He does know his hockey though. He has played and understands the game very well. And he makes sure he tells you that.

In fact this morning (about 8 minutes ago) he comes into my cube and says "I know my hockey, don't I?" Because he told me on Friday that the Wings would win on Saturday night.

The thing I hate about fans like this is that they can't appreciate good play from teams they hate. And they never give credit where credit is due.

He insists that the Penguins are not any good and (for this series) he thinks the Red Wings are the best team in the world. And he HATES Sydney Crosby (the Pens star player) and can not handle that he might be the best player in the NHL.

I know a decent amount about hockey and will admit that the Wings are playing INCREDIBLE hockey right now. But I still think the Penguins have a chance and have been playing pretty well.

Although I am not surprised with how the series is going. I thought it would go 6 games and it still may but it doesn't look good.

As a die-hard Penn State football fan (I really do bleed blue and white, honestly, you should see it) I am not a fan of either Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, or really any other college football team. But I can admit that those teams are better than PSU, if they actually are.

But when the Pens beat the Flyers in the previous playoff round this IDIOT gave the Pens ABSOLUTELY NO credit and couldn't admit that the better team won.

He used excuses like luck, injuries, and officiating, instead of just saying the Pens are good and they just played better than the Flyers. And all he did was bitch about Crosby and how he dives and all this other crap.

I HATE THAT!! Just admit the facts and grow up!!