Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tired of it!

I have a few close friends and a few others that I consider friends that live near me.

I also have 3 friends that don't live near me that I have known since I was 5 and I consider them my brothers.

And most of my friends know the kind of person I am. If they tell me a story I am going to give my opinion whether or not they want it. The one's that want an opinion tell me about something, the one's that don't, don't.

So yesterday a friend of mine (who definitely knows that I like to give an opinion) was telling me a story of how he got a speeding ticket.

And this friend is one of those people that know a little bit about everything but not much about anything.
One of those people that no matter what someone tells them they can compare it to something that either happened to them to to someone they now.

Well my friend starts telling me about how he was following someone else and how they were going faster and blah blah blah....

All I heard was an excuse, which is quite typical of said friend. He does not seem to be able to accept responsibility for ANY of his actions without first rationalizing them.

So he starts arguing with the cops about how he got pulled over and the other person didn't. Well the other person was a cop for one and he was IN A MARKED COP CAR!!

Did you think maybe he was part of the speed trap? Or that maybe he was getting you to be stupid?

Well it surely worked. You were an idiot and you got a ticket.

But what really pisses me off is his blatant lack of respect for authority. And it isn't just when he gets pulled over. When he is at work a lot of the time he is bitching cause a boss didn't give him this or this boss doesn't like him or he is trying to get a day off.

Well no duh they don't like you. You are a high maintenance PAIN IN THE ASS!!

Maybe my issue with his lack of respect is more personal than social. But I was raised to respect you elders and authority. And I expect others to do the same. Is that wrong of me? I don't think so.

When I tried to tell him my opinion, which he even admitted knowing that it was coming, he started talking and wouldn't stop because he didn't want to hear my opinion.

If you didn't want my opinion than DON'T TELL ME THE STORY!!

And don't try and tell me you tell me everything cause I didn't even know you got a new car!

But anyways I am getting off track. I have many friends that don't give me this much trouble.

In fact all of my other friends combined don't give me as many headaches as this ONE does. And yes maybe that is MY fault and maybe I should just ignore things more and let things go but I can't.

So instead....

I think I am done being friends with this person.

And yes he does sometimes read this blog and I am hoping he does today!

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GJG said...

Got your blog via BloggerTalk, and your blog was listed as a new blog, and I find it a good read, I would say its time to admit the ships passed in the night and drop this guy and move on, with no guilt.