Sunday, May 11, 2008


Have you ever just gotten the urge to move away from home?

I have had that feeling and still have it from time to time.

But really there is noway that I could ever leave. I mean my entire family (well almost the entire) is here and so are 75% of my friends.

My job is here, my house is here, everything is here.

Why would I get the feeling to move then?

I mean I love it here. I am about 5 hours away from everything. Pittsburgh, Washington, Baltimore, Philly, the beach, Atlantic City, and New York City are all within driving distance for a day trip.

We have great semi-pro sports teams and get all the Penn State games on TV. What more could I want?

Nothing and that's what doesn't make sense about it.

Because I never think about moving to a bigger city. I always think about moving to a small town where everyone knows everyone.

How many people go that way? Most people who have the desire to move are moving OUT of small towns and INTO the big cities.

But you know what, I love it here.

And no matter how many times I may think of moving somewhere else, I always end up feeling like I am in the perfect place.

The weather isn't perfect but it is pretty good. In my opinion there is plenty to do around here. I already mentioned the sports teams, but there is more.

We have one of the best amusement parks in the country in Hersheypark. There are plenty of restaurants and bars (even though I don't drink much). There are a ton of golf courses (eventually I will get clubs and play). And countless other things.

What is not to love?

Nothing and that is why I am still here, just outside of Pennsylvania's capital city.

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We are the men!