Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lessons for today

My second day of training today was actually more boring than the first day.

Like I said yesterday the training was about fraud detection and prevention or something like that.

Every time the instructor/speaker started talking about fraud I tuned him out and did other things. But every once and a while I would pay attention and learn something.

Here is what I learned today:

  • the instructor is from Florida, by way of Cuba, by way of Spain, by way of France. That is correct, my instructor was a French Spanish Cuban American!! Cool shit man.

  • Young people don't work hard enough or care enough. But in the same argument people were saying that young people get their work done too quick and then have nothing to do. So which way do they want it; young people who work fast or old people that work slow?

  • Did you know that mayors, governors, and presidents don't actually do anything? I did but I wasn't sure if all you knew. See they have all these ass-kissers that do all the real work for them. They are just there to take the credit and/or the blame.

  • People can't think for themselves. One lady heard on TV one day that gas was going to reach $11 a gallon sometime in the future. She thinks it is going to happen SOON! Unbelievable.

That is pretty much what I learned in training today! Cool, huh.

But last night I learned something even cooler. Did you know that the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by a hypercane? Me neither.

What is a hypercane you ask. A hypercane is a hurricane and tornado hybrid storm. Cool?

I thought so too until they said "can another hypercane form and kill everything on earth as we know it?"

Well that just sucks to think about doesn't it!

Have you ever actually thought about what would happen if all of a sudden everything just ceased to exist? It is quite a thought and I think you should take 5 minutes (that you will never get back) and think about it tomorrow!

Oh and one more thing. I just got a Nintendo Wii tonight and it is awesome so far. There was only one left in the Harrisburg area and I got it. How awesome am I??

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F'in Awesome!