Friday, May 2, 2008

Wish me luck!

Wow! I am really bored right now.

The day is just dragging on and on and on and on…… getting the picture?

I can’t stand my job right now. If I had enough leave time I would be packing up and leaving right now. But unfortunately I had to use a lot of my time earlier this year for an illness so now I only have a few days that need to last the rest of the year.

I don’t really want to do anything right now. Most days I would just sit here and play solitaire until it is time to leave but I don’t want to today. Other days I would blog for a while but I don’t want to (but I am anyways).

Today I just want to go home. Maybe I will leave a little early. Maybe like 3 or 230 or something.

See a year ago I was a partner in my own business and I wasn’t working that much. I would go to work for about 4-5 hours at the most and I would be home by 1 or 2 in the afternoon at the latest.

But the economy has since fallen and it hasn’t picked itself up yet. And the construction industry (my previous employment) is a wreck right now. So here I sit twiddling my thumbs and trying to stay awake because my job is not very exciting today or most days.

Part of my problem is that I am playing poker tonight and I love playing poker and I haven’t played in a while. We have a group of about 7-10 guys that I will call every other week to schedule a game but we can usually only get 4 together so we don’t even bother. But tonight I didn’t care; we were prepared to play with 4.

We were lucky and got a fifth so it should be a half decent game. All of the players are pretty good. I personally think I am the best but I am sure they would argue the same. In fact Sparky has said all week that he will be winning tonight. I keep telling him to bring extra money so he can buy back in but he doesn’t believe it. The other players tonight are Monkey (a solid player when he is focused and wants to be there), Verb (used to be good but has gotten unlucky and a little impatient of late), and Young Buck (far and away the most aggressive player and can take you out at any point).

I am only telling you about them because I intend to include my friends in more posts. Maybe I will even make one of those character lists on the side panel so you know who the main players are. We’ll see.

Verb and Young Buck were the two guys with me when the old man serial killer came at us.

Game time is 8 and I will update you all on how much I win tomorrow.

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