Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Idiots

One of my biggest problems in this country and perhaps the world (I really haven't seen it yet to know) is people who put themselves before their children.

As I said previously I am in Mount Pleasant this week and there is really nothing to do at night. I am a huge hockey fan (hate the Flyers, love the Caps, can stand the Pens) and I wanted to watch the Pens/Flyers game last night but the hotel does not have the right channel.

So on Monday and Tuesday I asked people I met if they knew of any decent sports bars where I could watch the game.

NO was basically the only answer I got. One guy told me to drive about 20 minutes and another said about 30 minutes to get to a bar.

So I decided that since I am not the only one here and don't have exclusive rights to the car I would call Applebees and see if they were showing it.

They were but with no sound. No problem because I think the announcers are typically idiots anyways.

So I sat at the bar from about 730 til 10 and watched the game.

There was a couple (a rather large couple) sitting at a table near the bar with their probably 5 year old daughter.

Here is where my problem is....they were there to watch the game and made this little girl sit and stay at the restaurant for 3 hours with NOTHING to do.

They didn't bring her anything to do, they just expected her to sit there and be happy. And then they let her have free run around the restaurant. You could see waitresses talking to her up and down the rows of tables.

And then they really pissed me off. They were sitting at the table keeping a pretty close eye on her (which did actually impress me cause I surely didn't expect that) most of the time. And then all of a sudden they both get up and walk to the bar (not far) and lit up their cigarettes. And just turned their heads on the child and paid attention to the game and their cancer sticks.

I couldn't believe it. Okay that's not true, I could believe because these people looked trashy and worthless. But still you would think you could make it a little bit longer without having a cigarette.

So to recap these people brought their young child to a restaurant (they didn't eat so not really a restaurant for them, more of a bar) to watch a hockey game. They didn't bring her anything to do and didn't care what she did around the restaurant. And instead of taking turns smoking at the bar and not paying attention they both went at the same time and didn't pay attention.

But some of you probably don't see what is wrong with this and maybe you are right, maybe I am just a prick and think everyone should act right. But that's who I am so get used to it. And yes they could have just gone to a sports bar (if they could find one) but they at least went to a mostly smoke free place, so I guess they did that right.

On another note, you should check out a good song from Tantric. here is a link to their myspace page, just click on The One and play it. I think it is a great song.


Julie said...

Speaking of idiots, one time while I was working at el Gapo, I had a women leave her infant in a stroller outside of the fitting room while she went in and tried things on. It wasn't like she took the kid out of the stroller and into the room with her. Idiot.

Thanks for commenting! And Mr Deeds is right. 100 Julie points!

Julie said...

And I got so wrapped up in that comment that I forgot to say...
I totally love tantric!!

GMan said...

Some people just need SLAPPED sometimes.