Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I hate summer!

Okay, maybe I don't hate summer but it just seems to fuck with me a lot.

My problem comes from being completely unmotivated to do anything in the summer.

I am going to the beach in about a month and am doing nothing but thinking about it right now.

And when I get back I will do nothing but think about how much fun it was and how much I want to go back.

Does anyone else have this problem?

My other problem with summer is that sports suck during the summer. I have said on here before that sports are a big part of who I am.

I am a big football and hockey fan, so from about the middle of August til the middle of June I am content. But during the summer there is nothing interesting in the sports world.

Just baseball......which is incredibly boring. I don't mind going to games but can't afford to go to many, but watching it or following it is not something I am interested in doing.

And tv sucks during the summer too. There are no really good shows out there on tv. Just repeats of shows.

So there is really nothing to keep my mind off of my boring job and how much I hate working!

But I think most of my problem is due to vacations happening and nice weather outside. I would rather be at a pool than here all summer long.

Some people probably love summer because of cookouts and vacations and other things.

And I love those things too. But it really affects my motivation and I hate that.

How do you all feel about summer??


Jenn said...

I really enjoy the lack of snow and freezing temperatures. I am not a fan of sunburns or humidity though. Not a fan at all!

Stephanie said...

It's too hot! Although, i'm not content in the winter when it's cold's a lose-lose for me.

GMan said...

jenn - humidity does suck and it just makes me less motivated to get anything done.

stephanie - I can handle the cold, mainly cause I am always hot. But it is easier to get motivated and work when the weather is cold.

verb said...

dude, the sun and i are best friends so summer rules!