Monday, July 21, 2008

Ah, Look At The Puppies

Well the weekend was a good one.

Saturday we got up and headed out by about 10 in the morning to make the drive to pick out our puppies.

We got there right when we were scheduled to at 1 in the afternoon.
The puppies were still too young to really be moving around alot. 1 of the litters was actually too young to even hold as their eyes weren't open yet.

But the other two litters were a little older (the oldest were 3 weeks) so we held a few of them.

We were looking for a red one and another color (we were leaning towards silver/gray) depending on what options there were.

We ended up getting 2 from the middle litter, they were born on July 2.

The 2 we picked were the only red male in the litter and the only silver female in the litter.

That way there is no real confusion when other people are picking their dogs out.

We got to see the father too and he is a BIG husky. Most male huskies average 45-60 lbs but he is 95 lbs in the winter and around 80-85 lbs in the summer.

And the best part of that....

is that we didn't pick the runt of the litter.....

no, we took the biggest of the litters!

Ash, the red male, has huge paws and was noticeably bigger than the other dogs even at 17 days old.

Simi, the silver female, isn't as big and will probably be average sized.

Now I would love to show you plenty of pictures of the dogs now.

But we had a little problem when it came to taking pictures on Saturday.

The problem you ask...

no media card in the camera!

Yes that's right. The wife, who possesses these cameras, forgot to check for the card and unfortunately they were sitting on the desk at home instead of in the camera.

So no digital pictures.

But we improvised and she took a couple with her cell phone and used a disposable that was supposed to stay and chart their growth to take some pictures. (we had taken 2 disposable cameras up so there is still one there)

So here are 3 picks from the cell phone:

this one is Ash
this is Simi
this is both of them sleeping (that is pretty much what the do!)

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