Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Privacy? Maybe not...

This is for anyone out there that has had their blog discovered by people they didn't want reading it.

And also a message for those who are afraid of that situation happening.


Did you seriously think that all of this is secret and no one is ever going to find out?

There are some people out there whose significant other doesn't know.

If that is you, I will give you a tip......when they find out it will only end BADLY!

A lot of people look at blogging as a form of therapy. Like writing in a journal.


That a journal is private and NO ONE else (usually) sees it.

And there are a lot of people out there that I am sure use journals as therapy. It makes sense to me.

But blogging is NOT writing in a journal. And it is NOT private.

But I can understand that writing a blog is a form of a journal. But you better be careful what you say cause eventually someone that isn't supposed to see it, will see it.

And then what??

If you are going to put your life out there for others to read and respond to than you better prepare yourself for when someone sees it and doesn't like it.

Cause when you start a blog and start complaining about your life or the people in it you take the risk of those people finding it and getting upset.

I have read about multiple occasions of this. And I have had the worry on my own as far as some friends that I may have insulted on here.

Every time you give a detail about your life, a puzzle piece if you will, you are giving people a clue to your real identity.

And with every little clue people can start to piece together the puzzle.

Even the biggest puzzle can be put together with time and effort.

If someone wants to know who you are they will find out and if you are giving them daily updates than you are just helping the cause.

Even when you give total anonymity to your characters and yourself people could still figure it out. All it takes is a little knowledge of the real world situation.

If you have no connection other than the blog to readers than it would be almost impossible to complete the puzzle.

The problem is.......

There is no way to tell who is reading.


Scotty said...

I *think* I have it as good as it gets without putting in a password.

I turned off google indexing, so my blog wont show up in google searches (unless you specifically type in the title). No names, different email accounts, etc. I have statcounter so I can see if there is someone from Sandy Eggo reading (which I just periodically check). Hmmm... I think thats about it..

verb said...

dude, I didn't know this was you writing. Were some of those blogs about me and when did you start this shit? Damn, I got a lot of catching up to do! Shit!

Stephanie said...

You're absolutely right. I don't tell my friends about my blog, but at the same time, if they were to find it, i would have no problem with them reading it. I don't expect privacy. Nothing is private when you put it in cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

I use an cool site called www.mytherapyjournal.com. I pay a monthly fee but worth it. Keeps all my stuff private. Plus, I use a cool progress graph tool that helps with my journaling. Peace.

GMan said...

scotty - at least you are taking steps to help yourself out. but don't ever forget that it ISN'T ever private.

verb - shhh! you don't know me!

stephanie - I am the same way. most of my friends don't know about it and I have said some things that people may take offense to but I knew what I was doing when I put it on there.

anonymous - absolutely. that is a journal, not a blog. for anyone that is looking to journal they should go that way, not the blog route!