Monday, July 14, 2008

Contact Info??


So I have been looking into becoming a real estate agent lately and I took this survey/quiz thing for Century 21.

At the end of it they asked if I would like to be contacted by someone for more information.

It asked for some contact info, my home phone number, best time to be reached, and a comments section for anything else.

I put my number, said LATE AFTERNOON, and said in the comments section that if they could not call after 5 than to call my CELL PHONE around lunch.

(and lunch time was an option in the time to be reached section)

So the wife sends me an email earlier telling me that someone from Century 21 called this morning.

They called in the EARLY MORNING to my HOME PHONE NUMBER!!

Why bother asking for the information if you aren’t going to use it?


The Wicked Truth said...

They are a bunch of idiots. I just got an email from a group in York, and I ask to be contacted by a group in Lemoyne/Camp Hill.

Stephanie said...

I don't know why anyone even bothers to fill out those contact times anyway, they call you when they want to.

GMan said...

stephanie - I thought this time they might care but I guess not!

Sean C said...

I can NOT stand that garbage. You are losing a possible recruit and at the very least a possible customer. Wankers.

GMan said...

sean - thats exactly what I am saying. Why even bother putting it on there if you aren't going to use it?