Monday, July 7, 2008

Still alive and kickin

Wow....I haven't posted since the 25th of June.

Huh? I wonder where I have been.....oh well.

Are there any readers still left out there?

If so I apologize. I haven't really been overly busy or anything, just unmotivated to blog.

Last week I was on the road for work. I didn't have to stay over night but I had to drive about 3 hours a day and by the time I got back I didn't want much to do with a computer.

The past couple weekends have been relatively uneventful. A couple family dinners and one with friends.

Job is still kinda shitty. Finding out more and more about the future lately. Looks as though my job is possibly going to change. Could possibly be moving offices around the city. Hoping to get promoted and transferred to another department but I have to wait a couple months for that yet.

I think I might start applying to other jobs just to see what is out there. I kinda like the one I am in but there isn't much of a future and earnings are limited.

Oh well. Maybe I can stay on task and post every day or so again.

Time will tell.......

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