Monday, June 16, 2008

A Good Weekend

I know it is now Wednesday but this post was actually supposed to go up on Monday but my computer wasn't helping me out. So read it now and I will hope to have something new later.

It was a pretty uneventful weekend around these parts.

Friday night we decided that we would go bowling with young buck, verb, and my sister (who is going to need a name on here, it will be coming soon).

It was my daughters first time bowling (other than wii bowling of course). And she loved it.

She isn't quite big enough to really throw the ball but the bumpers kept it moving.

After bowling we all went back to our house and played some mario kart until about 1130 when the ladies got back with food.

And then we proceeded to talk for 5 hours. Nothing else. Just sat at the dining room table and talked.

About what you ask....

Nothing really, part of the conversation was interesting but it isn't blog ready material just yet.

Saturday (after getting 3.5 hours of sleep) I cut the grass and then watched sports. But you already knew that.

Sunday I got up and we went to breakfast with my family (it was okay, I was expecting more) and then to the mall.

The wife was looking for a bathing suit for this year and they are difficult to find apparently.

After that we went home and watched tv the rest of the day. I didn't do anything.

It was the perfect weekend. I needed a nice relaxing do nothing weekend.

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verb said...

hahaha! you are so the man! I am so glad you are my best friend!