Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Weekend--

Who doesn't love Wendy's?

We went there Friday night and I am pretty sure that when we left the drive thru they closed down for the night.

Why would I think that?

Cause we bought enough food from them that they probably reached their daily quota!

Other than Friday night was pretty slow.
Watched the NHL Draft for a bit, fixed Verb's car, and watched a movie.

Saturday was a little more eventful.

Got up and did some yardwork in the morning and whined about how the Euro 2008 games suck on the weekends cause Russia was playing.

I was wrong about that by the way as that soccer game was incredible to watch. Russia won 3-1 in extra time and it was just a great game.

After that we ate a light dinner and went to my sister's graduation party.

It was kind of awkward cause her ex boyfriend (of 8.5 years) was there and she is already dating someone else (this guy here). And apparently he is taking it hard.

He is a nice kid and I feel bad for him but the breakup was WAY over due.
They are 23/24 and had been together for 8.5 YEARS!!! Everyone just assumed that they would eventually get married.

But anyways.....

I got to see alot of old neighbors and friends from growing up that I hadn't seen in numerous years.

And I had some decent food too. Nothing much but some decent finger foods and good desserts.
We left there at about 10 (already over an hour past kiddo's bedtime) cause we needed to get up and walk around Hersheypark all day Sunday.
Sunday was GREAT!!

We left the house at about 915 to pick up verb and young buck.

We got to Hershey and met up with my sister (lets call her Bull from here on).

Oh and parking was ridiculous.......$10 a CAR!!!
We went into the park and immediately headed for the water park area so that we could rent lockers and put our change of clothes in there for the day.

We stopped for a minute to look at the new roller coaster, Fahrenheit! It has the STEEPEST drop in the UNITED STATES. The ride goes straight up (not kidding, it looks like a right angle) and then comes back down at 97 degrees! That's right it actually goes BEYOND STRAIGHT DOWN!!

None of us got on it, partly cause some of us (me) can't handle that and partly because that was like the only ride in the park with a line.

See a few years ago, before the water park, the lines in the park would ALWAYS be ridiculous and you would probably wait about 30 minutes just to get on anything in the park. But since the water park opened half of the people spend their time back there and the other half ride the rides. It is great!

After that we got on a bunch of rides and had lunch (not cheap) before heading back to the water park.

-side note- if you are pregnant you really outta NOT were a bikini, PLEASE!

The water park is fun. There are 4 different water slides, 2 separate little wave pools, a roller coaster, Canyon River Rapids (best water ride ever, you get absolutely SOAKED!), and this other water park/slide/pool/jungle gym.

After watching kiddo shake like a leaf cause she was cold we got changed and continued riding rides and playing games.

The best ride at the park, in my opinion, is the Great Bear. It is an inverted roller coaster that is a lot of fun.

We were all pretty tired and during a thunderstorm warning (most the rides were closed) we stopped and rested and had dinner (again, not cheap).

After dinner we rode a bunch of rides again, played some games, and pretty much thoroughly exhausted ourselves.

We left the park at about 915 and started the trek home.

If you ever go to Hersheypark (which you absolutely SHOULD) remember to take something to drink with you.

We have this cool bag from here that has a cooler in the bottom. We took 10 bottles of water and saved money cause a bottle in the park costs $3!!

I haven't been at the park that long or had that much fun at the park in like 14 years!!

Kiddo is 7 but is very tall (51") already. So she is able to get on just about everything there (only 4 or 5 things she can't get on yet) and she rode just about EVERYTHING she could.

And she LOVED it all. I don't do wooden roller coasters, I will only get on steel ones. But she rode all of the wooden coasters with no issues and actually rode the one twice. I was very impressed.

And she had BY FAR the most energy left at the end of the night. She probably would have stayed and ridden rides for another couple hours!


The Wicked Truth said...

You forgot to mention that I won you a puck!

Jenn said...

What a weekend! That roller coaster looks amazing :)

GMan said...

yes, thats right. the wife won a hockey game that i couldn't win to get me a stuffed puck.

jenn - the roller coaster is crazy. it is basically a right angle out of the gate!

verb said...

dude, it was such a great time! Like you said nothing like that in a long time. And yes, we should have told that girl she was pregnant. I just don't think she knew!

Ally said...

I really don't like Wendy's and consider it one of the poorest fast food restaurants. The fries are not crispy; the hamburgers are mediocre; and the salads are wet and gross. I guess the Frosty is ok, but a milk shake from somewhere else would still be my preference.

Sorry, you asked!:)

GMan said...

verb - thats true, maybe she didn't know. next time we will let her know.

ally - I do believe that I am insulted by that response.