Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nothing for Me

I am still here. Just been a little busy this week.

I got home from Scranton on Friday and have been pretty busy ever since.

We got back to our vehicles on Friday at noon and I came straight home got in my car with the wife and went to lunch at Subway and then to Circuit City.

She was getting a camera and verb went along so that I could co-sign on a new tv for him.

If only things would have gone that smoothly on this trip.

She picked out the camera that she wanted (some canon SLR model). And he picked out the tv he wanted.

I used my Circuit City line of credit (I bought 2 LCD tvs there last April) to buy the camera but the sales guy rang it up wrong so we had to go to the customer service desk and return it and buy it again.

Then (even with me co-signing) verb got declined for his own line of credit cause he has no credit.

Not bad credit, but no credit. And instead of making a sale that I am sure Circuit City would like to make, the bank said no way.

There was a deal going on on tvs too. No interest for 24 months. The tv he wanted was under 1200 bucks.

Do the math....that's less than 50 bucks a month. Who wouldn't pay that back?

So instead of leaving without a tv, I did what any friend would do (I would like to think so anyway).

I bought him the tv on my line of credit with 24 months no interest. So now he owes me 50 bucks a month for 2 years.

Now I would not do this for any of my friends. In fact I think there are only 2 friends that I would do this for (and for anyone other than verb reading this that knows me, the other one isn't you, so don't ask).

I trust him to pay me back and I know where he lives.

So if I don't get paid back, I all of a sudden have a third LCD tv (which I absolutely need).


Anonymous said...

the world of credit is crazy! when i went to buy my first car i needed a cosigner so we tried my parents. they had Zero credit. like you said, not bad credit. No credit. they were ghosts.
it still makes me laugh that whenever places ask my mom for a second form of ID, like a credit card, she pulls out her Price Club card.

GMan said...

notsojenny - thats amazing that your parents have gotten by with no credit. my credit is very good if not excellent, mainly because my wife pays all our bills on time. If I paid them they would all be late!!

TOPolk said...

So that's the secret to good credit...I need to get married soon. I always forget to mail stuff off on time.

Best place to install an LCD TV: The kitchen. Trust me on this.

GMan said...

topolk - I always forgot to mail mine too until she took over that responsibility.

I have moved my little (26" or something like that) LCD into the kitchen multiple times for poker games!

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