Sunday, June 15, 2008

Best Day Of Sports In A While!!

To know me you have to know that I love sports. My favorites being football and hockey.

This time of year is not much fun for sports because I do NOT watch the NBA and I barely watch any baseball.

But yesterday was great.

My day started with Spain vs Sweden in Euro 2008. It was a great game!!

Spain won 2-1 in extra time. And as far as European teams go Spain is my favorite.

But more importantly in that game I found a European born player that I can root for in Fernando Torres. He is a forward for the Spain team and is a good player.

But more importantly he shows excellent sportsmanship and hustle.

After one turnover in the offensive zone that he committed he chased the guy down and knocked the ball away from him. That is something that very FEW forwards will do. The only time you will usually see a forward in the defensive half of the field is on a kickoff or a free kick when they are back defending.

His sportsmanship was evident when instead of just walking away from a ball that had gone out he went and got it for the OTHER team! That is unheard of in soccer. Usually no matter how close the opposing team is to the ball they will never get it for the other guys. But he did.

And one other time at the half a bunch of the players were complaining to the officials and he stepped in between and got all of his guys away without incident.

It is just the show of respect and SMART play that he shows that will cause me to root for him.

After the soccer game the sports day slowed down for a while.

I watched a little of the College World Series game between Stanford and Florida State but I didn't see the end when Stanford scored 11 runs in the 9th inning.

I also watched a little of Russia vs Greece in Euro but not the whole thing.

But then at about 845 last night I turned on the US Open and watched Tiger Woods make 3 AMAZING shots.

The best one was on the 17th when he chipped the ball in the cup. (if you want to see it I am sure espn has it up on their site or just turn on sportscenter and watch top plays, I am sure it will be there.)

His reaction to that shot was incredible. He seemed almost embarrassed to have made it. He was definitely surprised that it went in. It was impressive.

After that I turned on Georgia vs Miami in the CWS in the top of the 9th and watched Georgia come from one run down to win the game.

All in all a very good day for sports, especially this time of year.

After all that I went to bed around 11 to get some decent sleep after not getting to bed until 5 the previous morning!

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verb said...

I was at work the whole time but last night was pretty damn good too! Tiger is unreal! The best part of that whole story however, was 5 A.M. BOO YA!