Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Weekend Review

if you haven't seen this, check it out.

Once again I had a pretty good weekend. There was much mario kart playing and some pretty good eating.

It all started with the previously mentioned trip to Circuit City.

After that was done wifey and I picked up our daughter from school (her last day of the year).

We proceeded to head back home where my daughter and I played some mario kart until verb joined us. She isn't very good yet (she is only 7 and wants to turn her WHOLE body instead of just the wii wheel).

We then went to her last soccer practice for the season where the parents were playing the kids.

Wifey was smart and she packed gatorades and waters for the 4 of us.

Verb played goalie in high school and I haven't played competitively since middle school but we probably could have beaten all the kids AND all the other parents by ourselves.

After the scrimmage we returned home, ordered some food, picked up said food (pizza, sub, wings), young buck came over, and we played mario kart and bowling until about 11.

By the way...I had 8 strikes in a row on wii bowling while LAYING DOWN!! I barely roll strikes when I am standing but laying down, I am unbeatable!

Saturday morning was the day of my daughters soccer tournament. The first game was at 8am.

That's right I was up at 6 AM on a freaking Saturday!

Her team played well. It is tough for kids that age. They don't keep score at any of the games all season and then all of a sudden for one day they keep score and have a champion.

They finished 3rd out of 7 but if the coach knew what he was doing they would have won the whole thing.

Thankfully the tournament was over at noon so it wasn't too terribly hot out yet.

After lunch the mother-in-law took my daughter (let's just call her kiddo from here on) to see Kung-Fu Panda.

And my wife went to work for a few hours.

So what did I do considering it was like 800 degrees outside??

Slept.....for a good 2 hours, woke up at 4 and called wifey to see how much longer she would be, and then fell back to sleep for another 30 minutes.

Got up at 430 when wifey said she was on her way home and verb called to tell me he would probably be up within an hour.

He showed up around 530 and young buck showed up a few minutes later so we watched the Belmont and ate some spaghetti for dinner.

After dinner....

More Mario Kart and a little poker. We didn't play for money though since there was only 4 of us (wifey played too).

Sunday was even more uneventful.

Woke up and watched tv all morning, went swimming at my dad's in the afternoon, and went to Red Lobster for a small over priced meal. (I don't eat much seafood, only breaded shrimp, so it was more for the wife and kiddo) But I got a (somewhat fatty and MAYBE 8 oz) steak, 5 shrimp, and a small baked potato for $17.50.

Some of you may not find that a rip off, but I surely do. I can get an incredible steak down the road for 10 bucks a pound. Seriously the steak is the best you have ever had. If you ever visit the Harrisburg area of PA, let me know and I will make you the best steak you have ever had!

But I didn't have the good steak, I had a Red Lobster steak. oh well.

After that we went home and stayed on the couch until bed.

That was the weekend. The next one will be even more uneventful.

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