Monday, December 29, 2008

Until Next Year

Christmas always comes and goes too damn fast. To me the season isn't over until the New Year but with having to work today, tomorrow, and Wednesday it doesn't feel the same.

Next year I think I will take off the week after Christmas. Christmas falls on a Friday next year so I think I will take off the Monday-Thursday the following week. That will make it much better.

But it was a good Christmas. I didn't really want anything since money is the only thing that would really do me any good and for the most part I only got money. So I am happy.

My parents, like most anymore, are divorced. Which makes for fun times and lots of attitude around the holidays.

We spend Thanksgiving with my dad's side at my grandparents house. Then we spend Christmas Eve with wifey's grandmother. Christmas day (and dinner/lunch) at my Mom's and her Mom and step Dad come to our house Christmas night.

Then the attitude's begin. My dad gives me shit and my grandparents on his side give me shit because we don't see them ON CHRISTMAS!! We went over on Saturday to see both of them and they were fine but a little complaining is always on the menu.

But all that is over now and that is good. I will be at my grandparents (dad's side) for New Years day dinner so they can just get over themselves.

Perhaps the best dinner of the week though was at my house on Friday night. For the past 4 (I think) years we have had a dinner around Christmas with some friends. We make a Turkey with all the good stuff....mashed potatoes, stuffing, a couple veggies. And everyone just has a good time.

This year was no exception.

A couple of the guys that come are friends that now live in Baltimore and Philly. I have known these two guys since I was in kindergarten and don't get to see them too much. So getting to see them at Christmas is cool. Another friend that sometimes comes lives in Florida now and didn't make it home this year.

But it was fun and I am looking forward to next year when we get to do everything all over again.

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