Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to Work....

Back on the road this week. I am a little north of Pittsburgh, PA until Thursday morning.

But anyways....

How was everyones Thanksgiving and weekend?

Mine was pretty good, thanks for asking.

Although at dinner on Turkey day there were about 6 or 7 too many people. We had a table of 20 people plus 3 babies in the house. That is a few too many people.

I was at one end of the table and couldn't hear what was going on halfway down the table.

But the food was wonderful and there was plenty of it. Even with 20 people there were leftovers to take home.

Friday I decorated my house with Christmas lights and went and got the tree. And believe it or not the dogs still haven't knocked it over!!

Although they did eat part of an ornament.

And now I am in Pittsburgh, or more accurately about 20 mins or so north of Pittsburgh, for business.

I am not a fan of this travel stuff so no offense to anyone from this area but I would rather be at home.

But after this I don't have to travel again for work until at least the middle of January and maybe longer.

In February I am putting in for a transfer to a position that doesn't travel at all. That way I can spend all my time in the Harrisburg region of PA instead of all over the state.

And that would make me happy!

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