Thursday, January 8, 2009

Looking our for #1

You always here people say and sometimes complain that people only look our for themselves. The phrase "looking out for #1" is everywhere all the time.

If you are watching sports, news, a sitcom, or really any television show you are possibly going to hear the phrase or something very close to it.

And some people will tell you that that is a bad thing. That the problem with our culture and society right now is that everyone is basically selfish and no one cares about anyone else.

They might be right.

But I will say this. You can't be loyal to an employer anymore cause they aren't loyal to you.

It used to be you would find a job with a company and then work your way up the food chain within that company and retire with that company.

Now people are changing jobs every year or couple of years after they get a little experience doing something.

There are multiple reasons for that but I think a big one is that everyone knows a corporation is NOT looking out for your best interests and will NOT consider you when they sell the company or change owners.

Very rarely do people even get a single boss that really cares about their well-being. Most bosses are doing the same thing you are....trying to get ahead. Looking forward to the next raise and promotion.

That is why people don't stay with one company anymore. It isn't because people don't care or wouldn't like to stay with one company. I would like to (if I found a job where I like what I am doing anyway) but most companies now promote from outside the company. If you are looking to move into management you will probably have to change companies a couple times.

But it also has to do with the greed of people too. We all want wants best for us. And there is nothing wrong with that. But remember that loyalty and respect go both ways.

If you respect someone else they are more likely to respect you in return. And (in theory) if you are loyal to a company for years they are more likely to be loyal to you in return.

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