Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I don't know.....you tell me

Friday night a group of us went to a hockey game in Hershey. The special part of this game was that it was dollar dog night.

That's right hot dogs for a dollar!

Really...that isn't that great of a deal. I can go to the store and buy a pack of hot dogs and rolls for under 5 bucks. BUT when you are going to a sporting event and a soft pretzel is over $3 a dollar dog is special.

Previously Verb and I had gone to a dollar dog night at a game earlier this year. The bet then was that he couldn't eat 6 hot dogs. Actually we set the over/under at 5.5 hot dogs.

He ate 6. I was impressed.

So Friday night there was me, wifey, Verb, my sister J, her bf R, Skittles, and some girl he was dating last weekend.

(to those that have been reading this using of initials or letters for people is new but it will continue. it is easier than giving nicknames to people)

But anyways back to the story.

My sister can eat a pretty good amount and loves hot dogs. Her bf is a good sized guy that is currently training to be a MMA fighter and he can eat a lot.

*a little background.....J and Verb dated for a couple months*

We saw J prior to the game and she made a comment about Verb's 6 hot dogs at a previous game that went something like this "oh I can eat more than that."

And so it was on. Basically it ended up being me and Verb vs J and R (even though he didn't know he was competing til he got to the game).

Honestly they won but officially it ended in a tie 19-19.

Yes that is correct we ate 38 hot dogs between the 4 of us. R won with 12, I had 11, Verb had 8, and J had 7.

The reason they won though is because R also ate like 2 boxes of popcorn! The guy just seems un-fillable when it comes to food.

The people sitting in front of us were worried of Verb doing this again and creating a disgusting situation. But for the most part everyone around us enjoyed it and had a good time with it. Even the usher was funny as she multiple times asked Verb if he needed to use a trash bag!

But the funniest part of the night was while Verb and I were out getting hot dogs during the 2nd intermission.

Apparently Skittles date (who was SUPPOSEDLY a hockey fan) leaned over to him and asked OUT LOUD.....

"Is the ICE cold?"


The Wicked Truth said...

well, duh, everyone knows that indoor ice isn't cold...haha...boy can skittles choose winners, another piece of proof that he doesn't choose them for their brains.

verb said...

haha, man, I love hot dogs!

Yvan said...

but was she hot? ;-)

GM said...

No she wasn't hot! That's what made it even worse.