Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Vaca Post

Okay so I said I would give you a brief vacation review so here it is:

Last week I went to the beach.

There you go, how is that for brief??

Okay Okay I will give you more.

We went and spent the week in North Wildwood, New Jersey. It was a good time but not perfect.

Although I am beginning to realize that NO vacation is ever perfect and expecting them to be perfect is basically being unreasonable.

We went down early last Saturday and were able to get in right away cause some of my family had been staying there the week before.

For many years in my childhood we spent our vacations in Cape May and I hadn't been back in many years. But this past week we went down 2 different times, once for dinner and some site seeing and then for some shopping. Both times were great and it was probably my favorite part of the trip.

The group that went down was me (obviously), the wife, kiddo, verb, young buck, my sister, oompa loompa and his wife and 2 kids. His one daughter is 3 days younger than mine so that works very well.

We played some poker, I actually lost $20 the first night, and we played a lot of Rummikub, which is an awesome game if you ever get the chance to play.

We only spent 3 days at the beach but that is more than enough for me. The problem with being in Jersey is that there are always so many people.

My favorite vacation spot is a neighborhood on the Outer Banks of North Carolina called Pine Island. It is located between Duck in Corolla in the northern part of the Outer Banks. And if you ever get the chance to go, DO NOT pass it up. The problem with Pine Island is the cost. Some places sleep 28 people and cost around $15,000 a WEEK!!

The last time we went we had 5 groups split a $3500 a week place so that wasn't too bad but some of the places are ridiculous. Seriously it is the BEST time you will ever have. It is the most relaxing place to go to the beach.

But we were in Jersey last week and it was nice but not perfect.

And for the first time that I can remember, I was ready to come home from a vacation. I usually never want to leave but this week was different. I am not sure if I was tired of being there or just that I have so much to do back home here that I wanted to come back and get started.

Either way I had a good time, I am glad I got to go, and I am glad to be home.


brran1 said...

Welcome back from vacation man. Glad to see all went well.

country roads said...

I love the Outer Banks. We're going to Avon/Buxton (on the other end from Duck--I think) in 3 weeks. I'm going to see how many beers I can drink and still catch fish.