Friday, August 29, 2008

Still A Busy Week

I am still in the midst of a very busy week here in PA.

Last night I had my first fantasy football draft that took about 3 hours to complete. Verb and I have a team together because it costs $100 to join and I don't have that kind of money to spend on games.

But the draft went surprisingly well as we were picking last of 13 teams but ended up with a VERY GOOD team!

The league champion gets $500 so I expect to make some money just in time for Christmas.

Now back to my busy week.

I have soccer practice tonight for kiddo's team.

Tomorrow the family is coming down for dinner to celebrate my sisters birthday and labor day.

And then Sunday a bunch of friends are coming to do our fantasy draft. This one is amongst close friends and only costs about $15 dollars this year. The wife, verb, young buck, lazy old white guy, skittles (formerly monkey), oompa loompa, jari kurri, and myself are in that league so it should be a good time.

And to top all of that off I still have the puppies to watch after and clean up after. They have been pretty good so far this week. No more than a couple messes a day which is a VERY good thing!

Pictures are some point!

Oh and once again let me remind you where I will be tomorrow during the afternoon and then again after dinner:
Doing what you ask.........watching college football of course!!!!

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