Thursday, August 21, 2008

A little thing called...


It is something that I really wish I had more of.

I haven't really figured out a way to get more of it or if you just slowly develop it as you get older but I need more.

The past couple days I was out of the office doing work in the field and the business I was at had numerous 20somethings doing a lot of work.

And it wasn't just a lot of work but there seemed to be a lot of responsibility on the shoulders.

I have read numerous blogs of people that also seem to have good jobs with a lot of responsibility. And then I look at my own job and I feel like I could do more.

But I don't want to.

When I started this job I was ready to work all day every day with no problem. But then I started and I didn't have anything to do for a few months because I was new.

So now I am used to not doing anything and I can't get motivated to do anything.

The other unfortunate part of my job is that promotions and pay raises are more based on tenure than performance.

Which is good and bad. On one side you are all but guaranteed to get a raise and get promoted but on the other side you don't feel like you have to work for it so you don't.

So like I said, I need some way to get ambition.

I know some of you out there are ambitious and have good jobs and show lots of potential, so I ask you....

have you always been like that?

Were you one of the smart people in high school that always wanted to do better?

When did you become an ambitious person??

Cause I need to become one..........sooner than later.


Scotty said...

you don't feel like you have to work for it so you don't.
Thats probably why :)

I have yet to stay at the same job for more than 2 years. Granted, I stayed with the same 'company' (military) for 6 years... but I moved locations and jobs 3 times within that 6.

Now, I have been out of [govt] for a year and a half and working somewhere else.

Yesterday I started updating my resume. I need change, to be challenged, or I get bored.

Jenn said...

I can relate! I started my job doing very little and quickly got used to that. I get paid a lot to do next to nothing.

Some days I think that I might actually enjoy being busy, but I snap out of that mindset pretty quickly. I'm okay with average for now.

country roads said...

I think I was ambitious once. As in one time. I don't know what happened to that. But, there are things I'd rather do that don't revolve around succeeding in a work environment and as long as I can do those and eat something other than mac and cheese once in awhile, I think I'm doing alright. Besides, we all end up in the same ground in the end :-P

GMan said...

Scotty - yeah, but how do I get it back? I really don't want to change jobs cause I like mine when I am busy but I am not busy often.

jenn - I feel the same way. I want to be busy and then I get something to do and I just want to do nothing.

country roads - there are ABSOLUTELY things that I want to do that don't revolve around success at work BUT I also have a family and must provide the best I can. AND alot of the things I want require money and being successful at work will typically help that.