Friday, August 1, 2008

Now I know I haven't been around all week but unfortunately for you (maybe fortunately, depends how you feel), I am not going to be blogging for a little while.

This past week I was on the road all week and while I didn't really work hard or anything like that I still wasn't at my desk doing nothing.

So as you can obviously posts.

But in about 16 hours I will be arriving at the beach for a week.

And I will not have access to the internet for most of the week. I might get to blog once or twice but I wouldn't expect anything if I were you.

Instead look forward to August 11th when I will be back at my boring job doing nothing except reading blogs and occasionally blog (cause lets face it, I don't really blog with any consistency).

So I hope you all enjoy your week and I will not be thinking of any of you next week! (seriously....I won't be)


Tipp said...

Ahh, Id kill to be at the beach right now

Jenn said...

Enjoy the beach a bit for the rest of us!

brran1 said...

Enjoy the vacation. I sure could use one myself right about now.