Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quite a Week (so far)

It has been a busy past couple of days at my house.

Saturday we drove out and picked up our puppies!

So the past few days have been filled with trips outside and playing inside.

Having puppies is a lot like having a baby. It is constant supervision and doing everything you can to make them happy and keep them occupied.

I would even say that having 2 puppies is harder than having a baby because they will destroy things if given the chance. (and remember I do speak from experience)

But the good thing about puppies versus babies is that within a couple months the puppies can (in theory) be left alone for a little while. And OBVIOUSLY a baby can not be left alone for years.

There will be pictures soon but right now they are still on the camera.

I have also begun being the assistant coach for my daughters soccer team which is only 2 nights a week, plus games on Saturdays, but it is something else to take my free time.

And I have started taking classes to be a real estate agent. If anyone living in the Central Pa area is looking to buy or sell in the coming months or years, let me know!

The wife has started classes again at a community college near us. This will be her third semester back in school. She is doing good but the puppies are affecting her study time.

And the kiddo started 2nd grade today. She is kind of excited and kind of not excited. Really she seems pretty impartial to the whole thing.

And to top it all off I have 2 fantasy football drafts this week/weekend to prepare for. I have been working on this stuff for the past few weeks but now they are here and I intend to devote a couple more hours to it. Although some (most) of that time will go to setting up one that is being held at my house.

So it has been and continues to be a very very busy week.

Oh and college football starts this weekend!! My favorite time of the year = football season!


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verb said...

dude, you are the man and i am glad we are really good friends!