Saturday, April 26, 2008

A little too much gamble!

Last night as me and the family were eating dinner, my wife and I were complaining a little but about what we had to do after dinner.

I was going to go out and cut the grass, some last night and the rest today. This is the first time that it needed cut in 2008. And by grass I mean mostly weeds. I have almost an acre of weeds and some grass.

She had to take our daughter to soccer practice and stand there and watch a bunch of 6-8 yr olds run around in circles and jump all over each other. Not really soccer but what can you expect at that age.

So I said to her "you can cut the grass and I will take her to practice." I didn't really mean it though. There was a hockey game (Hershey Bears!!) on the radio at 7 plus a game on tv at the same time that I wanted to watch. Plus I hate going to the practices more than she does.

Truthfully I only said it because I was certain she would just say hell no!

But she didn't. I bluffed big and she called!! NO!! Luckily for me I have no problem changing my mind or going back on something I said. So I said that I was kidding and that I would stay and cut the grass.

She pretty much knew I was kidding but almost got me anyways.

The listen here kids is don't be so sure that you know what someone is going to say. I thought for sure she would say no way to cutting the grass, but I was WRONG!! And it almost cost me 2 hours of boredom!!

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