Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For Some Reason it Bothers Me

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was long. I was off on Friday and then yesterday was traveling for work but luckily got to start a little late and actually finished up early so it was almost like a day off.

Did you watch the Super Bowl? I did. The game was good which it has been lately but I thought the commercials were MUCH IMPROVED over the past few years. I can remember watching the game the past couple years and not being too impressed with the ads. But this year I thought it was much better.

My favorite adds were the Doritos (snow globe), Bud Light (thrown out of window), and both of the E-Trade commercials although they came at the end and after the game. For some reason I absolutely love all the talking baby E-Trade commercials. No matter how many times I see them I laugh.

Shank-opotamus!!! Awesome!


Thursday of last week I was at a training class for Excel. I use Excel from time to time and even though I can do everything that is required of me now I thought that I might get some use out of learning more so I signed up to.

But the class wasn't as interesting as one thing that happened early in the day.

The idiot in front of me (probably in his late 40s or 50s) was sending and receiving emails with people all day long. No big deal...I was surfing the web and emailing too.

But my emails did not involve making plans to cheat on my wife. His did. I have gone through most of the possible scenarios in my head and am almost certain that he was doing just that. He was making plans with a woman with a different last name and everything seemed very secretive. And then he immediately deleted the emails from his account.

Suspicious...that's all.

There is local FM radio show host that recently got divorced and another national radio host I listen to that got divorced in the past 12 months.

They bother me now. For some reason since I learned that they are divorced they bother me. It isn't the fact they got divorced but more that they brag about being single now. And both of them had just recently had babies.

I understand that sometimes things don't work out. My wife and I have had some problems but we made it through. That is one thing. But to brag about being divorced on the air. That is unacceptable in my book.

I think that is mainly why I am bothered. It isn't the divorce that bothers me. That happens. But for them to talk about it and seem happy about it just doesn't make sense.

Obviously I don't have all the details on what happened. But I don't think you should be on the air (whether national or local) talking about your relationship status and bragging.

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