Monday, November 24, 2008

So Many Ideas.....

So little motivation.

I have lots of ideas for posts but don't really feel like writing any of them right now. But I will....eventually.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. As far as a single day of the year goes, Turkey Day tops them all in my book.

First of all I love Turkey and everything else that goes with it.

Second, my cousins and family from Indiana used to (and sometimes still) come in for the weekend.

Third, I love watching football with family and falling asleep during the games.

And Fourth, now that I own my own house I decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and get the Christmas Tree that day too.

Why so soon?

Because Christmas is my absolute favorite season and time of the year.

While Thanksgiving is my favorite holiDAY, Christmas is my favorite holiday SEASON.

I love everything about it and always have. There were a couple of years in there when I was an older teenager or for the first couple years after my daughter was born that I didn't really enjoy it as much.

But now that Kiddo is 7 it is soooo much fun to watch her open presents on Christmas morning.

And watching her get excited anytime a Christmas special comes on TV is great too. I enjoy watching the specials as well but she loves all of them and will watch any of them.

And that makes the season incredible to me.

I love the Christmas decorations people put long as they go up AFTER Thanksgiving.

I love Christmas music and movies.

My netflix account will be filled with Christmas movies for the next few weeks even though I probably won't watch many of them.

Christmas season for me lasts from Thanksgiving through New Years Day. And this year it will continue through the first weekend in January since New Years is on a Thursday and I am off on Friday the 2nd.

But first is Thanksgiving and a plate that looks something like this:

My favorite day of the entire year.


The Wicked Truth said...

haha, your plate doesn't look like that pic. yours is just a big plate of gravy free turkey, with maybe some corn.

GM said...

HEY!! I said something LIKE the pic. But I will have some potato (maybe not mashed but potato none the less), and bread, and corn, and applesauce, and carrots, and olives, and pie, and cookies, and whatever else is there.