Friday, November 14, 2008

Let Me Clarify

I have realized over the past couple days that my definition for regret is probably different from others.

Some people may think of regret and think that it means something you would change if you could. Or something that you wish you had done or would do differently.

To me regret is partially that.

Like I said in the post, I have many regrets but I WOULDN'T change anything that happened in my life because I like where my life is.

And there are some serious things that happened in my life and in my relationships.

But while I would love to have NEVER done some things I would never change them because I wouldn't want to risk losing what I have now.

And some people consider regret to only be big things. Like I regret killing that guy or I regret robbing that bank.

Which is good. You should regret those things.

But to me regret is everything you....well....regret.

There have been things in the past few years that I have regretted buying. Mainly cause I would LOVE to have that money now. I regret getting into credit card debt on MULTIPLE occasions.

But I still wouldn't change most of it. Sure if I would go back and not buy something and have that 100 bucks or so I would but only if it wasn't going to affect my life now.

I just wanted to clear that up.

I understand that everyone looks at words or ideas and sees different things.

I did not mean that everyone has something in their life they would change or take back. Because I don't have that.

And trust me....I have done or not done things that have DRASTICALLY changed my life.

But I like where my life is and wouldn't change a minute of it.....but I still have regrets.

Some that I think about everyday.


California Party Girl said...

I feel very much so like this. I feel confused when I have feelings of regret, because I hear so many others say "I don't regret anything." I wouldn't go back and change any of my actions, either, because then I wouldn't be where I am. Of course different paths getting here would've made a lot of things easier, but life is what it is. It's a bitch, and it can be fierce (in good and bad ways) It's nice to see someone point out that having regrets is ok.

The Wicked Truth said...

If you believe in fate you could also say that you would be in the same place you are now, you might have a different personality. Or you could say fate made you do the things you regret, but you didn't have a choice. Sorry philsophy class taking over.