Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lucky Dog

I must say that I am a lucky man.

Why you ask.

I will tell you obviously.

I watch football every weekend. And I don't mean that I only watch my favorite teams and don't really care about anything else.

That is what most people would do.

Or a lot of people watch only college on Saturday OR pro on Sunday.

But that isn't me either.

I watch about 25 hours of football EVERY weekend. Some weeks it is even more than that.

I watch games from Thursday through Monday and will watch games if they are on Tuesday and Wednesday as well.

This past weekend I watched about 24 hours worth of football.

And I LOVE IT!!! I watch every game I can no matter what teams are playing.

But why am I lucky?

Because my beautiful wife tolerates it and me all weekend.

She doesn't HATE football but she doesn't enjoy watching it much.

And by the end of the second weekend of the season she is tired of it and doesn't care if another football game comes on the tv ever.

But she doesn't complain or bitch or holler at me for watching it.

She doesn't give me a list of stuff to do each weekend so that I can't watch what I want.

She doesn't take over the tv or bitch until I change the channel.

And I appreciate it greatly.

I don't golf, I don't hunt, I don't fish, I don't go to bars and get drunk with friends. I watch sports.....mainly football.

And she handles it wonderfully.

Not only that but she is beautiful and tolerates all of my other short comings (and believe me I have many).

She is pretty much perfect in my eyes.

Thank you honey,

I love you

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